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Exhibition Wall Banner

The material used for this banner wall is called stoplight material. It is printed in different panels and is applied with magnetic strips to the banner wall.

Exhibition banner walls are supplied in the following sizes:

  • 2180 x 3948mm - Curve
  • 2180 x 4320mm - Straight
  • 2180 x 3315mm - Curve
  • 2180 x 3600mm - Straight
  • 2180 x 2652mm - Curve
  • 2180 x 2880mm - Straight
  • 2180 x 1989mm - Curve
  • 2180 x 2160mm - Straight

Exhibition Banner 1
Exhibition Banner 2
Exhibition Banner 3
Exhibition Banner 4

Exhibition banner walls are available with a hard case PVC flight container with wheels. The size of this container is 910 x 710 x 370mm and weighs about 27 kg's.

Cloth Wall Banner

Cloth Wall Banner

The material used for a banner wall is polyester flag material and it is applied to the banner wall with Velcro strips.

Banner walls are supplied in the following sizes:

  • 750 x 2260mm
  • 1510 x 2260mm
  • 2260 x 2260mm
  • 3010 x 2260mm

The banner wall is supplied with a canvas carry case.


We can use courier services to deliver your products nationally. Global options available on request.


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