Sticker Printing

Custom made, self adhesive stickers are a great promotional idea for companies, bands, web sites and others looking for a powerful marketing and branding tool. Printing Full-color stickers can really put your message out there.

We are able to design, print and cut full color self-adhesive stickers for you.

  • Round, square, rectangular and odd-shaped printed stickers
  • Wide range of promotional stickers
  • Stickers are perfect for any business promotion, gifts and advertising
  • Stickers are Printed in full color for maximum effect
  • Print and cutting of stickers

We do any kind of sticker printing in the industry. On the quantity of 500 stickers of a size of +/- 100x100mm or less, we do digital sticker printing. If the quantity is more than 500, we use label sticker printing and then the price will be reduced per sticker.

The advantage that Digital printed stickers have, is that they can be cut into any shape. An added advantage is that the turnaround time is relatively short and should an emergency arise the stickers can be printed within a day.

Clear, Transparent and See-through stickers

We are not limited to using only white sticker vinyl but also clear self adhesive sticker vinyl. Clear sticker printing is also referred to a see-through stickers or transparent stickers. An ideal example where clear (transparent) sticker printing is used, is inside car windows. What set our printers to print in reverse (Mirror) onto the see-through sticker in order to display the artwork in the correct direction outside of the window. On the inside of the vehicle, it will be reversed.

Another advantage of clear (transparent) stickers, is that it allows the possibility of printing white ink onto the see-through sticker. So if you have a logo or text with white detail, we will be able to print the white onto the clear vinyl. We can print full color transparent stickers in Pretoria Silverton.

Bumper stickers

The average and practical size for a bumper sticker is +- 200 x 70mm. Feel free to contact us for a price on a bumper sticker. There is no minimum amount of stickers you need to print to place an order. People can keep in mind that if bumper stickers are printed digitally or as labels, it can fade after about 1 year if it is constantly exposed to the sun.

Computer tags

With computer tags there is a wide variety to choose from, it ranges from normal stickers printed in full color to engraved row mark tags. We can also dome any sticker (Transparent resin coating). The price ranges, depending on the size and quantity of the stickers. It is a sign of professionalism to apply your company name and contact details on your electrical equipment through a branded sticker. It will also work as an advantage for advertising your business.

Wine labels

Creating custom wine labels has gained popularity over the years, with people needing labels for wedding favors, holiday and gifts and promotional campaigns. The increase in home wine making has contributed significantly, with hundreds and thousands of people over the world making their own wine labels instead of buying it.

In this area you can save on costs by supplying your own wine bottles and sticking the label stickers yourself. Bottle labels are applied to where products are distributed in small glass or plastic bottles.

One way vision (Mesh vinyl)

You can apply mesh vinyl on your shop, office or vehicle windows. Mesh vinyl is also known as contra vision sticker or self-adhesive mesh stickers. This can be applied to cover up the window so that no one can see through your windows from the outside. You can see clearly from the inside of the sticker to the outside.

Vehicle signage stickers

On a flat smooth surface we only print on monomeric sticker vinyl. On a surface with curves we only use polymeric cast vinyl, as it is thinner and more flexible. Visit our VEHICLE SIGNAGE page for more information on vehicle signage and stickers.

Sandblast Vinyl

This type of sticker vinyl gives a very professional look to glass doors and office windows. It weakens the people's ability to look through your windows, especially if you apply large solid pieces of sandblast vinyl.

Domed Stickers

Doming is a finishing process that applies a clear liquid polyurethane in a metered dose to the top surface of a decal, label or nameplate. The liquid material, which is the consistency of honey, flows to the edge of the vinyl shape and is trapped by capillary attraction to the edge. The liquid is then cured to produce a finished product with a 3D domed, bubbled, or lens effect.

We have special equipment to dome 3000 stickers per day. These stickers are also known as gel stickers, resin stickers or even 3D stickers. The stickers have a neat durable appearance and are widely used on electronic equipment and even on corporate gifts.

Domed products require all corners to have at least a small radius or the polyurethane will bleed off the edge. Virtually any shape with full color or black and white printing can be domed. We can print and dome directly from your artwork or do the design for you. The final product has a high-class enhanced appearance that is scratch and moisture resistant.

Typical uses for domed decals include labels, product identification stickers, medals inserts, trophy insets and name badges. We even manufacture domed coasters. Virtually any shape can be printed in full color, cut and domed. There are however, limitations on size. We can dome from 10 to 10 000 items to give your product that professional finish.


We can use courier services to deliver your products nationally. Global options available on request.


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