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Core Digital specializes in custom size canvases that fits your unique requirements. Maximum canvas printing size is 1.4m wide with unlimited length. To order or get more information on the more popular canvas sizes A0, A1, A2 and A3, just click on the size below that interest you. For your custom size canvas, click on "Odd Size".

Custom Canvas

Core Digital is a well known canvas printer in Pretoria Silverton, that can stretch and block mount a full colour, customized canvas portrait. Printing and stretching a canvas is the ideal gift for an artistic decoration in your home. Enlarge your treasured memories from a photo to a compatible printed canvas size. A digital canvas printing from your photo in various artistic styles can turn your photo into a truly unique work of art. Maximum canvas printing size is 1.4m wide with unlimited length. An artistic Canvas Printing can be framed or block mounted.

Pencil Sketched Canvas

We can convert any high resolution image into a black and white or colour pencil sketch for only R150 that can then be printed onto canvas and stretched over a wooden frame.

Framed Canvas Printing

When it comes to Framed Canvas Printing, we will provide you with a selection of various canvas frames to choose from. After you made a selection, we have to build the frame according to specifications. A basic stretched canvas frame is easier to build thus allowing a faster lead time.

Stretched Canvas Printing

Almost any photograph is suitable for printing canvas portraits whether it is an old photo that you want to convert to retro art, or a special moment that you want to grace your home with in a format a little different than a traditional photograph.

Some ideas for photos to print on canvas:

One of the key benefits of portrait canvas photo printing is that the rough surface is extremely forgiving, allowing you to print pictures at a size that normal photo paper would not allow quality breakdown in the picture is hidden by the rough surface, making canvas printing ideal for printing old pictures, or pictures that can not be printed any larger with traditional printing methods. Printed canvas really looks and feels like the real thing and is often difficult to tell apart from the original. We only use proper Canvas material to ensure quality artistic canvas printing. It is a great way to display works of art.

Large Format Digital Printing | Core Digital Printers | Pretoria