Label Sticker Printing

Core Digital Printers a supplier of digital label printing services with our label printers in Pretoria, South Africa. We can print labels for almost any product with our label printer. Label printing is ideal to market your brand on a mobile product at an affordable price. Our CX 1200 label sticker printer calculates the price per label according to the amount of colors in the label artwork. We can give you an estimate on label stickers, but for a better price, we will need the artwork / design that you want to print as a label.

The maximum size of a label sticker can be anything below 190mm x 400mm. Note that the 2 factors that will influence the price are the amount of ink used for printing the label and the size of the label sticker. During the label printing process, all the labels are rolled up into a roll of labels.

Label Printing can be used for:

  • Product / Brand Labeling
  • Package Labeling
  • Water bottle labeling
  • Large batch / quantity stickers

Label Lamination


Our label printer can also laminate your label stickers to provide extra protection. Laminated labels are also waterproof and tear proof. The label lamination brings out the color in your artwork at no additional cost. The lamination for the labels is like a strong sticky-tape coating that covers the whole label.

Label Cutting


After the label printer completed a batch of label stickers, the roll is placed on our FX 1200 label cutter where the label media is fed through a combination of 8 rollers that ensures the right tension is met throughout the label cutting process. The label cutter can cut up to 4 labels at a time with the same cut line. Minimum diameter of a circle cut is 13mm.

The label cutter can slit / separate columns into separate rolls of already cut labels. The labels are rolled up into a roll of already cut and laminated labels. The roll of labels may have a few sheets of extra labels. We print the extra labels to test whether the blades are cutting deep enough and consistent throughout the label cutting process.


We can use courier services to deliver your Printed labels and stickers in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg, Rivonia, Randburg and generally in any area in Gauteng or any other province in South Africa, at an affordable delivery fee.


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