Straight Hanging Banners

Hanging Banner

These banners are specifically designed to hang against walls or vertical flat surfaces and are very useful when advertising or decorating, especially because it don't take up a lot of space and are easy to transport. A neat aluminium extrusion is mounted at the top and bottom edges of the banner to ensure that the banner will hang firm. A thin cable is attached to both ends of the top extrusion.

We have two maximum size options for you to choose from. Our maximum printing width is 1500mm thus allowing a maximum width of 1500mm when printing a portrait hanging banner. The drop (height) of the hanging banner, when in portrait can be as high as you need it to be. Alternatively the drop can be 1500mm, changing the orientation of the hanging banner to landscape. This will allow a maximum width of 600mm. The extrusion strips are manufactured in strips of 6 meter.

Hanging banners are mainly printed on PVC material, although it can also be printed on polyester material, which is about 50% more expensive.

For hanging banners we use 350 gram PVC material, especially for this use, which prevents the banner from curling and twisting at the sides.


We can use courier services to deliver your products nationally. Global options available on request.


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