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Chromadek Board

Core Digital is a Signage printing company in Pretoria with Large Format Digital Printers able to print chromadek boards, billboard signs and light boxes. The most common material that we use for outdoor signage is Chromadek (0.6mm metal board) as well as flex face (350gram per m PVC canvas that is stretched over a 25 x 25mm square tubing frame).

We also specialize in Billboard Signs and Signage printing. The Signs can comprise from Road signs to basic advertising signs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Signage requirements.

  • Any size available for the Signs
  • Sign writing on most flat surfaces
  • Full color Signs on vinyl

There are mainly two types of material used for the manufacturing of outdoor signs, namely:

  • Chromadek Steel which is mounted on a square tube frame
  • Reinforced PVC stretched (flexed) over a square tube frame

The popularity of the PVC option is growing fast, because it's lighter and there are no seams, as in the case of chromadek boards and billboards. The welds on bigger chromadek and billboard signs are neat. The bigger sign boards, like the signs erected next to our highways is manufactured of PVC and not chromadek board.

We supply a full in-house Chromadek Sign printing solution with lamination. Be noticed by all passing traffic and potential customers. Poles, frames and installation

  • Chromadek, 0.6mm thick and printed at 300 dpi on a monomeric vinyl sticker
  • Chromadek mounted on a 25mm square tubing frame
  • Lamination of chromadek signs (recommended)
  • Aluminium angle iron border
  • A 0.6mm chromadek board laminated 2450 x 1225mm, mounted on a 25mm square tubing frame rounded of with a 25mm aluminium angle iron border

The cost on the installation of this board on 25mm square tubing poles of 3 meters in length is an additional installation fee (Price available on Request). Prices of poles (per meter): Painted double layers, with 2 x 10mm holes or brackets, ready for installation.

Suggested lengths for the chromadek sign poles:

Square tubing poles are available in 2 different wall thicknesses. The wall thickness of these poles can range between 1.6 and 2m

Poles with a wall thickness of 2mm, is recommended for the following sizes:

  • 1200mm high chromadek sign; 3000mm poles
  • 1200 - 2500mm high chromadek sign; 3000-5000mm poles
  • 600mm of the pole's length is in the ground to keep the sign steady.

These sizes and thickness only serves as guidelines. The thickness and wall thickness can be combined to fit the size and weight of the sign board.

Lamination of chromadek signs are highly recommended. It protects the signs against vandalism, scratches, against damage from the sun, etc.

Sign Board Installation

Certain aspects that will influence the price on installation of Outdoor signs in Pretoria and Johannesburg:

  • The size of the billboard
  • The height of the sign board above the ground
  • Where it will be installed, against a wall or on sign poles?
  • How far it is from Pretoria or Johannesburg

Frequently Asked Questions

How can designs be supplied to us

We employ highly skilled graphic designers to produce high quality designs and layouts. This service is priced at R350 per hour. Most businesses that have already printed business cards, pamphlets or any other advertisement material, has already paid designing fees for the design, which you can bring to us and we will charge no additional costs. If you supply the artwork, it can be given in the following formats:

  • Corel draw (Original artwork)
  • Vector
  • Editable PDF from the original artwork
  • Certain files, especially big files that will be used for banners or advertising boards, can be sent at 100% of the measurements with 72 dpi, or 50% of the measurement with 150 dpi.

What is the turnaround time?

3 to 5 working days after the artwork has been finalized.

What is the life-span of Chromadek signs?

The structure of Chromadek and flex face signs is guaranteed for 5 years. As for full color digital signage board printing on Chromadek or flex face, the printing will start to fade after 24 - 36 months.

Chromadek signs that were made with the highest quality cast vinyl will last up to 10 years. It is statistically proven that the average business in South Africa changes information such as its name, physical address, postal address and telephone numbers every 20 months, so it is not advised to consider the most expensive option.

We can proudly say that we manufactured Chromadek and flex face signs since we existed with a total surface of approximately 104,000m - that is a surface equal to 32 rugby fields!


We can use courier services to deliver your products nationally. Global options available on request.


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