The correct spelling for this product is bandanas. We have spelled this word incorrectly with a reason, because we have realized that most people search the word under bandannas. People also refer to bandanas as headscarves or head bands.


A bandanna is a large, often colorful kerchief, usually worn on the head.
Bandannas are made of poly-cotton material and are 500 x 500mm in size. The edges of our bandanas are stitched with a roll-stitch.

Core Digital is a well recognized screen printer and supplier of bandanas in Pretoria Silverton. We do screen-printing on the bandannas and it can range from a 1-color print to a full color print. Because of the large size of the bandanna, it will be more expensive to print a high amount of colors on a low quantity order.

We can supply bandannas in any color, and any amount of colors can be printed on the bandannas. The printing price of bandannas depend on the amount of colors you print and the quantity bandannas you order. The more bandannas you print, the more affordable it works out per bandanna. The idea is to play with the layout and to print on different angles.

Many people wear bandannas today. Some use it to keep their hair out of their faces, other use it in sport as a sweatband, even as a style trend. Whatever the reason may be, come and get your bandanna customized today!!!


We can use courier services to deliver your products nationally. Global options available on request.


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